Blue Hat Report

The other thing I did at Microsoft last week was I participated in Blue Hat. Microsoft invites a selection of interesting researchers to come to Redmond and present a talk to a variety of people within the company. Blue Hat is organized by Kymberlee Price, who works with Andrew Cushman, and they did a great job as hosts.

Thursday was the executive sessions, speakers gave truncated versions of their talks, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. There were a very senior group of folks in the room, up to people like Jim Allchin, Brian Valentine, and a lot of other names that I recognized, but don’t remember.

Andrew Cushman did a great job of framing the talks, explaining why they were selected, and the reasons that they were important. The audience was engaged, and a couple of times, people turned and asked “Why do we do that?” of the person responsible for a feature that was being (ahem) presented in a new light.

The speakers, myself, and Dan Kaminsky got to have a lunch session with Jim Allchin, and a few other Microsoft folks. Jim talked about new features in upcoming products, and got our thoughts on how Microsoft is doing, and how they could do better.

There’s lots more after the break.

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