Twitter Tools? Feedback please

So about a month ago, I started flowing my tweets over here. I’d love your thoughts on if it’s helpful, hurtful, or you just ignore it in your reader.

[Update: currently arguments run 3:2 against continuing Twitter in the main feed. More (and civil) debate is invited.]

7 thoughts on “Twitter Tools? Feedback please

  1. I use my blogger page as an RSS client, and don’t normally keep any feed that’s updated daily. But your tweets usually contain something interesting, so it’s surviving this far.

  2. While there are occasionally interesting items in the twitter feed items you publish, I would much rather just follow you on Twitter for that.

    I think the blog rss should stay strictly blog related.

  3. I read your blog more for the commentary on topics than for the links to the thoughts of others. Twitter’s 140 character limit IMHO renders it useless for anything other than referrals and vacuous, context-free comments. If you want to include a feed of your Twitter stream in a side-bar on your site that might be helpful but I’d rather not have all of your Twitter stream in our main RSS feed.

  4. Personally, I have not found the Twitter stuff to be useful to me. I prefer the format of just the longer, thoughtful blog posts, even if there are fewer of them.

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