Need ID to see Joke ID card

A bunch of folks sent me links to this Photography License, which also found its way to BoingBoing:


Now, bizarrely, if you visit that page, Yahoo wants you to show your (Yahoo-issued) ID to see (Matt’s self-issued) ID.

It’s probably a bad idea to present a novelty version of a DHS document to law enforcement.

It’s a worse idea to live in a country where someone sees enough harassment of photographers to design such a thing so well.

The very worst idea, however, is to discover pressure to send the whole thing down the memory hole.

2 thoughts on “Need ID to see Joke ID card

  1. Presenting a fake ID to a cop is punishable by up to 20 years in prison in some circumstances:
    Cops are definitely harassing photographers (and others) under nonexistent or overzealously enforced laws, but that doesn’t give citizens a legal right to produce, carry, or present false IDs. Do not do this.

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