Stupid Safety Feature Of The Week

I love my Prius. It’s fun to drive, eco-friendly and even has lots of geek appeal. However it has one incredibly moronic safety feature which I was reminded of while driving through the snow the other day. Now I have the base model which means I don’t have fancy features like the automatic skid prevention. Instead, what I have is a flashing light. When the wheels lose traction, a little icon starts flashing on the dashboard. Now that’s what’s useful, a distraction as the car starts to slide. More of a danger than anything else. Maybe next time, they can add an audible alarm as well. Then the car will feel even more like an airplane cockpit….

3 thoughts on “Stupid Safety Feature Of The Week

  1. Having had a similar feature in my ’97 Saturn for about 10 years, I can tell you that it is more useful than it first appears.

  2. Please do. How is it useful? I honestly do not see how it would be unless loss of traction is not discernible to the driver.

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