Disaster Preparedness by Conair

Mini-me guest posting on The Guerilla CISO tells us all some hard learned lessons in Data Centers and Hair Driers. In it we learn (yet again!) that Disaster Recovery/Emergency Response/Business Continuity rely heavily on documentation, process being followed and above all regular testing. Regular testing is more than just practicing via drills or table top exercises, but also verifying that your documentation is accurate for the entire infrastructure down to capacity, wiring for alarms (at one employer we found out the hard way that one of the fire sensors wasn’t hard wired to the Emergency Power Off rather than to the cutout board and as a result, took down the data center while doing some emergency welding) and servers are facing the right way in the racks. In the end, it’s far better to find out in non-emergency situations that something is wrong. Also never forget that a hair dryer can help you test your fire alarms system…
[Image is Dog Fluffer by Phitar]

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