3 thoughts on “Food and Bacterial Risk Assessment

  1. What an amazingly bad and depressingly typical example of risk management. McGeee succumbs to classic fear mongering in this article telling the Gentle Reader that they should be afraid of eating things they have dropped when the real risk management lesson should be not to allow surfaces in your home to become major outbeak areas for germs.

  2. Actually I disagree. At the end of the article, he covers the essence of risk assessment by telling the reader to consider the context of the food being dropped.

    If you drop a piece of food, pick it up quickly, take five seconds to recall that just a few bacteria can make you sick, then take a few more to think about where you dropped it and whether or not it’s worth eating.

    Admittedly, it would have been nice for him to go into this more, but I still think the basic idea is called out correctly.

  3. Clearly this man never watched the MythBusters episode where they tested the 5 second rule. As any first-year biology student can tell you, the more gooey the object, the more bacteria, fungus, and molds it is going to collect in 5 seconds.

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