Save Chocolate
Don’t Mess With Our Chocolate,” says Guittard.

Summary: the FDA is considering changing the definitions of “chocolate” and “chocolate flavored” and “chocolaty” so that they don’t have to put as much cocoa solids in it to make it be “chocolate.”

The FDA is soliciting comments, and the cutoff is April 25, so that’s not much time. It’s uh, like today.

Speaking for the President of the United States, we suggest commenting in favor of the change. There’s nothing like the government empowering companies to engage in fair and deceptive trade practices. That also means more 70% to 80% Scharff, Valhrona, etc. for us.

The nice people at Guittard have links to a web page at the FDA that you can use to comment. Do it now! I have.

Update: The FDA has extended the comment period by a month. Do it today anyway.