Gartner Discovers Offshoring

According to CIO Forum, Gartner has discovered some amazing things. There’s offshoring to India, and it’s growing at a “staggering” 16% per year. And lots of manufacturing is being done in China now. And the US better wake up ASAP because it is “in imminent danger of becoming an industry of failure.”

This is a wake-up call. Unfortunately, it’s a wake-up call coming at tea-time. Apparently, Gartner doesn’t get the phone calls and emails from offshoring companies I do — about four cold-calls and a half-dozen emails per week. They also stagger easier than I do. Sixteen percent is very good. It is not staggering.

I expect that in the 2010 Gartner Expo, they may tell us that a number of people are “onshoring” to places like Nebraska and Utah. They may talk about the problems that everyone, including Infosys (who grew last year at the — uh, what’s twice staggering? — rate of 31%), finding good people to hire, particularly ones with acceptable social skills. (Hint to offshoring companies — my voicemail has in it, “in an emergency call my mobile.” Setting up a meeting to explore my future needs is not an emergency. I take great pleasure in giving my business to your competitors.) They could find out all these things by learning about “search engines.” I hear there’s going to be a big IPO in that space soon.

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