Bacon of the Month Club

bacon-of-the-month-club.jpgThere are days when I wish I was Boingboing. No, really. Because if I were Boingboing, I could blog about friggin’ Bacon of the Month Clubs all day long, and have a everybody on the planet clicking on my ads while I sat in my hot tub dictating posts.

But we’re not. We have self-respect, or dignity, or an understanding that the blogosphere can only support so many Boingboings before collapsing under the combined weight of Make-inspired recyclable 80211 mesh community networks made out of Annie’s Vegan mac and cheese soya packet liners.

But that won’t prevent us from blogging about the bacon of the month club. Five words that forever, completely and irrefutably demonstrate the superiority of capitalism over all other forms of economic organization that have ever been tried.

I love what emerges from disposable income, and look forward to the club of the month club, which will be a harbinger of either the apocalypse or the singularity. The club of the month club will join all these clubs, and randomly route you a product from each of them monthly. One month you’ll get chocolate, one month you’ll get fine Californian wine, and the next, bacon. The next month you’ll get the weed of the month, which won’t help you get your stoned mineral of the month…but I digress.

Thanks to Phil for the link, and his review of Father’s hickory-smoked country bacon.

5 thoughts on “Bacon of the Month Club

  1. I caught that at Phil’s blog (which is a cool blog, I might add — the guy can write).
    On the “vast riches from Adsense” angle, I already gave them my PII so if you want to cash in while maintaining your privacy, maybe we can work something out :^)
    BTW, how could you omit the beer of the month club? If your drink is scotch, you even have your own club.

  2. I’m not sure I should admit this, but I would love belonging to the club of the month club. I was given a subscription to a cheese of the month club, but after two months, I felt overwhelmed by the 5-pound tins. I would prefer more variety in my artery clogging products, and would pay a premium to avoid the mental effort of seeking them out. My only reservation is that, instead of a random choice, I would prefer food items selected by someone with cosmopolitan tastes.
    In my opinion, this is rational economic behavior: Variety is a good, and there is a cost to decision making. Let’s go with your idea.

  3. You know, Adam, given that previous comment, you may have just hit on the business idea of the century.
    Given what I learned over the weekend at the Learning Annex (I blogged all about it) about sales, I think I’m ready to be your sales guru for the club of the month club.
    Let’s do it – we’ll all be rich. 😉

  4. Mike,
    Go for it! Buy me nice toys if you make it big. Because I think there’s a real business possibility here, and it’s not one that would make me get up in the morning.

  5. We had a subscription to the Bacon of the Month club a few years ago. It was sheer bacony heaven, but a lot of bacon to eat regularly. At the end of the run, we saved up a few packages and had a massive brunch, complete with bacon tastings of about 6 different kinds. *Recommended*

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