Sport Utility Bike?

[The] Freeradical S.U.B conversion kit … makes your favorite ride into the baddest sport utility bike on the planet. Forget pantiers and racks on the front, or over the back tire that bump your knees and feet. Rather than relying on the strength of a single peg or gimbal on a bike trailer, the Freeradical bolts directly into the wheel peg holes in the back fork, with reinforcing braces so that it’s sturdy enough to carry darn near anything. And, since the extended wheelbase positions the carried load directly over the rear wheels, and low to the ground, handling is much more stable than on traditional bikes.

Sport utility bike? That’s like Porsche coming out with an SUV. Bad combo. Keep your sport and your utility seperate.

From “TreeHugger,” via Gizmodo. PS to R: You and your rules!

4 thoughts on “Sport Utility Bike?

  1. Uhm… Porsche *did* come out with an SUV – and it’s actually way better than the ones from Mercedes and BMW?
    The Cayenne was a co-development of Volkswagen (the Touareg) and Porsche. Contrary to the M-Class and the X5/X3 you *could* go offroad with the Touareg and the Cayenne.

  2. Yeah, I know. And its wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Next they’re going to come out with a station wagon. How are you supposed to have a midlife crisis by buying a station wagon?

  3. I’m with Adam on this one… If you build one thing right (personally, I don’t see the appeal of Porsches to begin with, but no matter) stick to it. “Cars” is too broad of a definition for “one thing,” btw. I don’t know what the hell they were thinking with that silly Cayenne. They just made themselves look foolish with this one, IMO.

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