Appreciating Shakespeare

Recently, I found myself wondering why Hamlet had never gotten a proper treatment in Powerpoint. After another drink, I took it apon myself to remedy the situation.

4 thoughts on “Appreciating Shakespeare

  1. Why didn’t you tell me that before? 🙂
    (More seriously, I shared drafts with 20-odd folks, none of whom had seen that.)

  2. adam, this needed to be done. thank you. for one thing you have exposed a critical flaw int he play: what this play is missing is a 3-5 year strategic vision! and where the hell is the org chart! madness!

  3. My own biggest disapointment is that there’s a tie between slide-based thinking, and powerpoint in particular and a failure to make good decisions and act on them. (See Tufte’s work, for example.) I wanted to tie that to Hamlet’s inability to take action, but it just didn’t work right.

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