5 thoughts on “In the Proudest Traditions of the Royal Navy

  1. Ah, if things were only as simple as the press reports them. The Wave Knight is actually a naval oil tanker that is manned by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, who are entirely civilian, even though the Royal Navy holds their budget. So it wasn’t actually the Royal Navy who stood by, it was a bunch of civilians in grey uniforms on an oil tanker….no Navy SEALs onboard with telescopic sniper rifles and only a 30mm cannon for self defense, which isn’t a lot of use against a couple of anorexic pirates…

  2. It seems like an oil tanker would be a less than ideal platform from which to get into a firefight.

  3. Spain just paid the ransom for their fishermen (!), Britain will follow suit for this yacht’s.
    25 armed sailors and a helicopter didn’t think they could take the pirates hostage instead.
    Expect Argentina to retake Falklands.

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