Merry Christmas, Dr. Hansen!

A surgeon who allegedly took a photo of a patient’s penis during an operation at a US hospital is no longer working there, it has been announced. Dr Adam Hansen, of Arizona’s Mayo Clinic Hospital, is accused of taking the snap while conducting gallbladder surgery earlier in December. (BBC, “US ‘penis photo doctor’ loses job.”)

For a doctor to violate patient confidentiality like this is a stunning lapse of judgement. If he did what he’s accused of, I hope the impact on his career lasts as long as the impact on his patient.

Oh, I tried, but couldn’t find an appropriate picture to go with this post.

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Dr. Hansen!

  1. Cell phones and pagers have been in operating rooms for a very long time. Even when a Doctor is in surgery, they (reasonably) want to be reachable.

  2. So I guess those signs saying that cell phones can hose the sensitive medical electronics are just a lie, huh? Shocking :^)

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