Inconceivable Levels of Destruction

There’s been a great deal of talk around the London plot about the impact of the destruction of ten airliners. Senior US officials called it inconceivable.

Now, destroying 10 planes might be murder on the scale of 9/11. It
would certainly be shocking and despicable. I’d like to point out
that the Iraqi people can certainly concieve of that level of
terrorist violence, because they underwent it in July, having lost
3,438 people.

2 thoughts on “Inconceivable Levels of Destruction

  1. The talk about the amount of destruction that could be caused by these ‘bombers’ is ridiculous, because the basic tenet of their plot was wrong. The ‘TATP bombs’ that theoretically could just be mixed together and VOILA! Instant bomb! Were primarily fantasy.
    the register has a very good article pointing out that it takes hours under controlled conditions to make those mixtures work. Something that would be nigh on impossible on an airliner (things like the mixture has to happen over hours, in very cold temperatures. Hardly something plausible in an airline bathroom.
    The hype and threat coming from this ‘plot’ are ridiculously overblown. Sure, someone was planning it, yes they should be investigated, but the level of hysteria going on is so vastly out of proportion to the threat it’s gone beyond ridiculous into flat out surrealism.

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