Metricon 1.0

Yesterday at Metricon, Gunnar Peterson felt a need to mock me over not blogging from the conference.

I really enjoyed Metricon. There was a lot of good discussion, and because Dan Geer took extensive notes, I didn’t have to. I was able to pay attention and consider the talks as I heard them.

Gunnar, however, both considered and blogged, in posts like “Combining risk and effectiveness assessment to make risk management decisions,” “MetriCon software security metrics track” and “Risk Management culture.”

1 thought on “Metricon 1.0

  1. oh sir, i would never mock ecjc. i thought ecjc, i realize that as with dr dre, those who mock ecjc, in effect mock themselves; simply thought that ecjc was the new scoble that’s all.

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