Church 2.0

Check out Benjamin Sternke’s “Church 2.0: Emergence/Chaos theory.” Itn’s an interesting examination of how churches need to evolve to respond to a different type of parishoner:

Church 2.0 will leave room for the Holy Spirit in its planning and structuring and strategizing. She’ll leave room for happy accidents to emerge. She’ll be patient with chaos, knowing that even though things are all tohu bohu (“without form and void” in Hebrew), the Spirit is probably hovering over the waters, bringing order and life out of chaos.

When I started this, I had no idea that I’d be being quoted in a blog that focuses on .. well, heck, I don’t have enough understanding of religion to put the right words on it. Benjamin Sternke has some interesting and well written things to say about modernity and religion. Take a minute and read something different from this.