Removing Excel Macros?

I have a document where I started to create a macro, then realized that some clever search and replace would work. So I stopped creating the macro. But now, the document (which I share with others) has a macro in it. Sure, its possible to open with macros disabled, but I’d like to remove the thing, so that I don’t contribute to dialog-box numbness and errors.

Is there a way to remove a macro from a document using Excel X for Mac?

5 thoughts on “Removing Excel Macros?

  1. Under Tools menu, Macros |> Macros… there’s a delete function, but it only works if macros are enabled. Seems to me that I should be able to delete a macro when they’re disabled.

  2. So having done that, the macro warning pops up, and there are no macros that I can find. hmmm.

  3. This is what stops Excel assuming there are macros in the worksheet: Go to Tools menu, Macro, Visual Basic Editor. In “Projects” window Ctrl-click “Module1” of the worksheet, choose Remove Module1…, and answer Yes. Press Apple-Q to return to the worksheet and save it.

  4. Thanks, Orvo, that works! Let me add that “remove module” is under the file menu, and that you need to quit the Visual Basic editor to return to Excel (which I found sort of non-intuitive.)

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